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Halloween or Halo’s Eve? You decide.

October 31, 2009

By Sister Pat

Well, doors will be knocked on and bells will ring.  Some of us will want the evening to end so we can relax and others will look forward to the evening because they will have a chance to meet a little saint.

I grew up in the north and Halloween was a big part of my life.  We loved dressing up and going around getting our treats.  We could not really afford to buy a costume so we always ended up being a scare Crow, hobo or a ghost.  When I became a Sister of Mercy and began teaching in different schools I found that Halloween was not always a welcome day mainly because people were not really taught about Halloween really being, All Halo’s Eve.

All Halo’s Eve – the evening before All Saints Day.  Years ago children went around on this special evening to collect items for the poor and bring them to the church.  When they did go around they dressed up as Saints and people that were specially recognized in the church.  Halloween has truly been taken over by the consumer-ism but we can choose to look at it as a secular day or embrace the original meaning and pass it on.

I for one plan to embrace the day and spread the Good News.  I encourage you to do the same.  Celebrate with others, and take time to recall all the Saints, both living and dead, that have touched your lives… recall….rejoice….. and enjoy.  I love Halloween!  I can dress up in an outfit that would remind me of a Saint.  Maybe this year I will dress up as one of the living saints in my life.  I will also go to another convent, or family member’s home  or friends house so that I can enjoy seeing the children having a great time and be able to watch those little saints laugh and embrace life.

Enjoy the evening and remember Happy Halo’s Eve!

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