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Welcome to the Conversation!

October 15, 2009

By Sister Patti

I have the privilege today of writing the first blog for “Connect with Mercy”. I want to welcome all those who have found this blog and hope you will continue to visit often. We want this to be a conversation to answer your questions and let you know who we are.

I entered the Sisters of Mercy 23 years ago and when I think of all the technology that has come to be during that time it is astounding.  I was lucky to have had computer courses in college and taught computers for a few years while also teaching math. For the past 10 years I have been working in New Membership – inviting and supporting women as they see if religious life with the Sisters of Mercy is a good fit. The use of technology in new membership ministry has made it easier not only to share our lives but for women to be able to check out communities and contact us knowing it is confidential. This blog is one way of getting to know us. Visit Meet Mercy on this site to find other ways to connect with us.

There are other sisters and associates who will be writing for this blog.  We hope this will help those who are interested in or connected to Mercy to have a sense of who we are as a whole.  We are all individuals, called by God, and following in the footsteps of Jesus and Venerable Catherine McAuley who founded the Sisters of Mercy in 1831. There are different ways that we live out our Mercy commitment even in the same community.  Catherine (As we call her!) saw the needs of her time and responded and so do we.

The sisters who are writing this blog have had many different ministry experiences as we continue to look at the needs of our world today. Some ministries are sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy and others are in places where we have a history. There are also some sisters beginning new ministries in places that have significant needs. Sisters seek ministries that are grounded in values that reflect the values of Catherine and follow our Direction Statement.

We live community in different ways as we respond to needs and minister so you may see that one sister lives alone, and another lives in a community of 4, and another lives in a large community in a more institutional setting.  Hopefully the sharing of these women will break the stereotypes of women religious and give you a glimpse into lives that are busy and full of joy!

As sisters and associates, we know that what we write needs to be grounded in both our experiences and prayer. Prayer is the one constant in our lives and necessary for our busy lives. The motto I strive to live by and which is inscribed in my ring is “My Heart Centered in God.”  My prayer energizes me to minister with and for my sisters and those in the world who are needy. Please connect with the Prayer blog if you are in need of prayers and check out the Prayer site for Mercy prayers and the Mercy Spirituality Guides.

I hope that you will visit us often to find out who we are and what we are doing! Please know that your comments and questions are welcome!

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