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December 12, 2014

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Asparagus Bands

October 23, 2013

By Sister Renee Y.


We’ve all seen them. We’ve all ignored them. And we all have a few of them stuffed in our kitchen “junk” drawer. They’re the tough, unassuming little blue fastenings which deliver our asparagus – fresh, direct, minimally processed, appropriately proportioned. A simple – ingenious – unnoticed infrastructure.

Think about it: when you get to the produce stand, the asparagus is already standing up waiting for you. It’s not lying around in a heap like the string beans! It’s already shouting, “I’m ready! You can depend on me!” It has been marshaled to attention by those modest cummerbunds. It is well-positioned on its foundation, its delicate tips protected, its essence preserved.

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‘Cost of Convenience’ Prompts Changes at School

October 17, 2013

By Sister Joanne L.

Mrs. Coulter and 3 third graders with the compost container used for paper towels

Mrs. Coulter and 3 third graders with the compost container used for paper towels

Composting efforts, energy conservation measures and the recycling of paper towels are among the fruits of a retreat for staff and faculty and staff at Mater Christi School in Burlington, Vermont.

The 35 staff and faculty members of the school, which is sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy and has an enrollment of 260 students aged 3 through 8th grade, traditionally have a retreat day to begin the new school year. This year’s theme was based on the “Cost of Convenience,” a short video available through the new initiative Mercy Taking Action.

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Salsa with the Sisters of Mercy

October 16, 2013

By Sydney W., Mount Mercy University student

Mount Mercy University students share their salsa at the Clubs and Organizations Fair.

Mount Mercy University students share their salsa at the Clubs and Organizations Fair.

The Students in Human Resource Management Club (SIHRM) at Mount Mercy University in Cedar Rapids, IA, is thankful to have received a mini-grant from the Sisters of Mercy for a community garden project that took place over the summer. Club members were enthusiastic and we had many ideas running through our heads. We were able to pull them together and devise a beautiful garden that would yield produce to make salsa to serve at the Clubs and Organizations Fair. We kept track of our progress throughout the project and invited the Mount Mercy community to follow along and share any tips and information about their gardening experiences.

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Becoming a Sister in the 21st Century

October 10, 2013

By Sister Patty M.

Sisters Amanda C. (novice), Meg Q. & Nordia B. (novice) at the Sisters of Mercy U.S. Novitiate in St. Louis.

Sisters Amanda (novice), Meg Q. & Nordia (novice) at the Sisters of Mercy U.S. Novitiate in St. Louis.

On Sunday, August 18, Mercy Sisters Amanda and Nordia arrived in St. Louis to begin their novitiate experience where they will spend two years in formation and discernment as novices. Sister Rayleen G., the Sister of Mercy who oversees the novitiate experience for Sisters Amanda and Nordia during their time in the novitiate, warmly welcomed them.

What is the novitiate and what does it consist of in the 21st century? The novitiate is a two-year experience beginning from the time of reception in the novices’ home communities. The first year, called the Canonical Year, is a 12-month consecutive experience that focuses on studying and living the vows of poverty, chastity, obedience and service. The second year, called the Apostolic Year, focuses more on ministerial involvement.

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ARISE: Listening & Responding to Community Needs

September 26, 2013

By Sister Denise S.

ARISE LogoThe director of one of the ARISE service centers is out recuperating from surgery, leaving the staff short-handed. Two staff members deliver coffee and pan dulce to a neighbor who has multiple people at her house following the death of her son in a car accident.  Back at the ARISE center, neighborhood children laugh and play outdoor games. It’s March and the children, enjoying their Spring Break, participate in ARISE’s special programs for children with working parents. An unannounced group of visitors arrives at the front door and wants a tour of the center. Behind them, a very depressed neighborhood woman comes through the door in great distress, describing her suicidal thoughts—she clearly came to ARISE in need of help.

This is a “day in the life” of an ARISE service center. Serving new immigrants in the Colonias (low-income, unincorporated neighborhoods) of the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, ARISE is a community development ministry. Founded twenty-five years ago by the late Sister Gerrie Naughton, ARISE is a co-sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Mercy’s South Central community.

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Mercy in Six Words

September 24, 2013

By Isaac Garcia, Institute Communications Office

Different Worlds. One Heart. Through Mercy.

From Christine S., Student at Misericordia University

Last week, we cast out into the deep and asked our blog readers, Facebook fans and Twitter followers to share what Mercy means to them in six words. A similar message went out to sisters and ministries across all the Americas. Thank you for your overwhelming response! The results have been nothing short of breathtaking, both in terms of quality and quantity. Since we received over 400 sentences, I wanted to highlighted a few of my favorites before sharing the rest below. Read all of them to envelop yourself in the Mercy spirit and be inspired on #MercyDay.

  • Mercy means no one’s left out.  Sister Mary C.
  • Sixty years, Mercy lived, Mercy loved.  Sister Mary H.
  • Mercy responds to the world’s heartbeat. – Sister Margaret C.
  • Looked for community … found my place.  Trudy B., Mercy Associate
  • Hospitality, with a cup of tea.  Christine G., West Midwest Community Staff
  • Mercy is empowered women empowering others!  Barbara J., Carlow University
  • Serving others with warm, compassionate hospitality.  Stephanie N., Mercy Volunteer Corp
  • Mercy is ignoring a person’s label.  Maggie S., Mercy Academy Student
  • Mercy: deepest thing revealed by God.  @AquinasMercy
  • A compassionate community living Christ’s call.  @JulMurray
  • Standing with those who need it.  @katherineobvius
  • Never saying that ‘it is enough’.  Matthew R.
  • Mercy is being Catherine’s daughter/son.  Maureen P.
  • Sharing a comfortable cup of tea.  Tangie C.
  • “Entering into the chaos of another.”  Abby B.
  • Strong, faithful women leading the way.  Martin D.
  • Mercy is Communion with Jesus Christ.  Merilyn L.
  • Knowing mercy and justice are verbs.  Carol C.
  • Wrapping my arms around someone suffering. – Denise C.

(video from Salve Regina University)
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